Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It's so difficult for me to post on here. Not because I am so private (which I am) or because I'm so busy (which I am). I read a lot of blogs, and they all seem to have a theme, or an angle. They are a weight loss blog, a family blog, a stay-at-home-mom homeschooler make all my own condiments type of blog, an anxiety or mental disorder blog, a happy blog, a sad blog, etc etc etc. I don't like being fit (ahem, stuffed) into any type of container, I never have. I am many things and all of the parts of me make me whole. Some of those parts are happy and frivolous and watch The Bachelorette, and some of those parts struggle with a brain that is constantly in fight-or-flight mode. Some of those parts struggle with being a mom to a very spirited 3 year old, other parts struggle with finishing the job of parenting myself.
So. Do I write for my audience? Or do I write for myself? An audience, I assume, wants to read about either The Bachelorette OR Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but not both. But both make up me. I am anxious, I am a single mother, I am an artist, I am a struggling faithful, but I am also someone who loves reality tv and Starbucks.
Maybe I should just write for the sake of writing, and if no one reads - that's ok.

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